Our goal is to help organizations stop making decisions in a vacuum and push accountability down through the whole organization.
Hayes Drumwright POPin | CO-FOUNDER AND CEO

POPin is a crowdsolving platform that drives success for a company’s initiatives through the intimate engagement of its employees, partners and clients.

Selected initiatives are then CrowdSolved with specific discussions to deliver timely and innovative impact to relevant corporate objectives. These discussions can then be used by your organization to successfully implement new initiatives.

Built for customers, by customers

Our founding members wanted a product they could use themselves to flatten their organizations and put innovation in the hands of employees on every level of the organization. The result is POPin, a platform that creates a micro social network around a single question for a limited period of time. With this platform, our team of founders helps customers leverage the same problem-solving benefits we created for ourselves. Meet our team

Fundamentally Change the Way Your Company Drives Initiatives

POPin gives your employees a voice, no matter what level or position they are in your organization, so your toughest business questions get answered in the fastest and most accurate way possible.