Universities all across the globe are tackling problems of engagement, diversity, and inclusion (or a lack thereof).

Do you know what type of culture you have?

As much as we wish that inclusion and diversity issues didn’t exist, they do, and sweeping them under the rug will not solve anything. Just read the press to see the horror stories some schools have had to deal with by ignoring this issue. Does your university know what it takes to be considered an inclusive and diverse culture?



in 3 Days

Every university has a unique culture and reputation, but in these days of instantaneous social media and global exposure, perceptions can change rapidly. POPin lets you uncover the students’ and faculty’s consensus on culture if you start by asking this question...

What challenges are preventing us from creating a culture of inclusion & diversity for all students?


in 3 Days

Engaging faculty, professors, students, and alumni to collaborate and bring new answers into the mix will provide a deep dive on key elements required for such a community. Use these issues uncovered in the Discover phase to further uncover the critical success factors required to change student and faculty culture perceptions by running another POPin question or questions with the following question...

We understand that X is an important issue to be seen as a culturally diverse and inclusive culture. If you were in charge and knowing there will be constraints, how would you ensure these issues are addressed?


Providing a safe forum for everyone to tell the truth of the matter will uncover the critical issues you may be currently missing and addressing critical success factors raised to be seen as an inclusive & diverse community on an on-going basis will ensure your reputation stays intact. Because everyone was involved with the creation of the list, they will feel more engaged and involved– mostly because it was their answers in the first place. They will take more ownership in the whole process and the resulting press (or lack of negative press) will speak volumes.