Hundreds of millions of dollars flow from alumni to their alma mater yearly.

Do you know how to get your fair share?

Philanthropy is the name of the game when it comes to any university’s critical funding requirements. Shy of a deep sense of loyalty, Universities need to take very creative steps to engage alumni in order for them to meet their annual goals. Do you know how to maximize alumni sentiment and fundraising?



in 3 Days

Every alumni fundraising program has a unique set of critical success factors that ultimately rests on the meeting the expectations of the audience. POPin lets you uncover the alumni’s consensus if you start by asking this question...

What would you like to see as an alumni of University name to increase your active participation in our questions?


in 3 Days

Once you uncover the top priorities in the Discover phase, you can drive your next alumni fundraising program from a list of prioritized answers by uncovering the critical success factors directly from the alumni participating in the program. Now take those answers that rose to the top and run another POPin question or questions with the following question...

We understand that X is great way to improve alumni participation in our next fundraising event. If you were in charge and knowing there will be constraints, how would you ensure success?

Use discovery question feedback to tweak messaging, features and fundraising strategy before launch. You will uncover very creative answers from very unlikely sources that may have never been previously considered.


Launching fundraising programs from alumni answers with their feedback incorporated, increases buy-in. Just asking the alumni what they desire to see on an ongoing basis, and acting on that feedback, will invoke a nostalgia and appreciation for what the university has done to kick start their career motivating them to stay involved and give back.