Management knows what needs to be done, but it is the employees on the front lines that best know how something should be done.

Do you know what’s really going on in your organization?

Employees rarely get the chance to interact with senior leaders and senior leaders rarely get the chance to hear directly from employees outside of town hall meetings thanks in part to centuries of hierarchical organization theory. Create access between executives and teams throughout the organization in order to discover confusion or problems with strategy/goal achievement. Do you know what it takes to bridge the management/employee gap?



in 3 Days

Every physical or virtual town hall meeting has a unique set of critical success factors that ultimately rest on the meeting the expectations of the audience. POPin lets you uncover the group’s consensus if you start by asking one of these questions...

Which parts of our strategy are most at risk? OR What are the key impediments stopping you from hitting your team goals?


in 3 Days

Executive joins POPin Discovery question and actively comments and ideates on solutions or explains constraints. You will get a list of things that will need to be addressed to mitigate risks from the people who will ultimately be doing the work during the Discover phase. Now take the problems that rose to the top and run another POPin question or questions with the following question...

We understand that X is going to be a big problem. If you were in charge and knowing there will be constraints, how would you solve it?


Discuss top issues and clarify on any confusion. Once employees see that their voice is being heard and that management is taking action as a result of their feedback, they will be more willing to support the efforts needed to achieve those goals.


Case Study

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