Statistics show that 70%
 of initiatives fail.

Do you know what it takes to make yours succeed?

People who work with everyday processes know what it takes to succeed, but typically only 3 out of 10 are brave enough to tell management what they think about their plans. Wouldn’t it be great to give 10’s or 1,000's of people a voice on what is required to be successful?



in 3 Days

POPin connects leaders with the groups that can solve problems. Different audiences know how to solve different issues, so identify the challenge you want to solve and invite the right group that can solve it; start by asking this question...

Imagine it's next year and we just completed our project. But it didn't go well and people aren't using the new system like they should. What went wrong? Why did it fail?


in 3 Days

You will get a list of things that will need to be addressed before/during the project to mitigate risks from the people who will ultimately be doing the work during the Discover phase. Now take the problems that rose to the top and run another POPin question or questions with the following question.

We understand that X is going to be a big problem. If you were in charge and knowing there will be constraints, how would you solve it?


Understand what is needed to ensure a project’s success and gain the buy-in of the people doing the work because it was safe for them to tell you the critical success factors up front. You will be surprised that all you have done is given people a voice to solving problems and a line will form at your office to help solve it. They will align because their voice mattered.



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Experian Case study (451 report):

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