Taking on a new team is fraught with challenges, particularly if you are also new to the organization.

Do you know what you have inherited?

Many organizations have lengthy facilitator-driven in-person processes for onboarding and assimilating the new leader to the team. While there is value in the face time, in building personal relationships and following these assimilation processes, what the new leader might never learn is the truth of what the team is dealing with or what he or she is taking on. Do you know how to assimilate a new leader successfully?



in 3 Days

POPin connects leaders with their teams whether large or small, in one location or dispersed globally. Different teams will react to new leadership in widely different ways. To better understand what you are stepping in to start by asking this question...

As a new member of the team please go into detail on the top items I should be aware of and/or address?


in 3 Days

Take top items and ask team to help address them in a deep dive POPin or series of POPins and then pick leaders and/or volunteers to work on top solutions that come out of deep dive. This has the added benefit of not only understanding the issues at hand but also gain the buy-in of the team and their engagement in solving those issues. Try using this follow-up question...

If you were the leader of this team, how would you address the important issue of X?


The best way to get to the truth is to ask the team. Whether it’s a small group or a large department, every team has its own dynamics and baggage that carries forward to the new leader. This is an opportunity for the new leader to set a different tone, one of openness, willingness to listen, and eagerness to make a change for the better.



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