Surveys tell you “what” a group wants.

Do you know “why” they want it or “how” they prefer it done?

Today’s current survey process leaves many leaders needing to make assumptions about what the problem and root cause is. It also leaves the action planning in the hands of a small group of people who have to interpret mounds of data typically taking weeks or months. Do you know how to take action on the results of your survey?



in 3 Days

You are already using an Engagement Survey, Pulse Survey, or SurveyMonkey to generate a set of sentiments and data from which you plan to make decisions. But instead of making assumptions on the root causes for these results and the ideal solution to address the issues, the key is to now understand what to do with that information.


in 3 Days

Pick specific topics from your survey to deep-dive into in order to optimize plans and create buy-in with the group best equipped to ensure success. So take the issues that rose to the top of the survey and run another POPin question or questions with the following question...

We understand that X is going to be a potential issue. If you were in charge and knowing there will be constraints, how would you address it?


By asking the employees how to execute on what the survey uncovered, you will not only uncover critical success factors, but also gain their personal buy-in in the process. POPin provides a great opportunity to change how things are done, to seek the voice of the people in understanding and solving the problem. Survey is now perceived as actionable due to POPin deep-dives and teams that form to implement solutions.


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