Executives typically rate 67% of meetings and conferences as failures.

Do you know what it takes to make yours succeed?

Let’s face it: weekly meetings and periodic conferences are a fact of business life. Statistics show the average middle manager spends 35% of their time in meetings while upper management can spend over 50%. Wouldn’t it be great to give meeting attendees a voice on what is required to be successful?



in 3 Days

Every meeting and conference has a unique set of critical success factors that ultimately rest on meeting the expectations of the audience. POPin lets you uncover the group’s consensus if you start by asking this question...

What topics or concerns would you like to be addressed in our weekly project status meeting? What guest speakers and topics will make our meeting exceed your expectations?


in 3 Days

Once you uncover the top priorities in the Discover phase, you can drive meetings and conferences from a list of prioritized agenda items to review and discuss by uncovering the critical success factors directly from the group participating in the question. Now take the agenda items that rose to the top and run another POPin question or questions with the following question...

We understand that X is going to be a important. If you were in charge and knowing there will be constraints, how would you address it?


Participation rates will significantly improve and active results-oriented meetings and conferences will become the new normal because you will be discussing the top items in each meeting as safely agreed upon by the participants.


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