A better approach to

Employee Engagement

Move past learning what problems you have. Let your employees tell you why they’re having them and how to solve them.
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Every organization has roadblocks and things to improve.

POPin helps you find those problems and solve them with the buy-in of your teams.

Increase Higher Customer Loyalty
Increase Higher
Increase Higher Productivity
Increase Higher
Increase Lower Turnover
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Moving in the Right Direction

Give your organization the push it needs to get your company, your culture, and your teams moving in the right direction. Leverage the employees in your organization to crowdsource and crowdsolve.
According to Gallup:

Millennials are pushing for change in the world -- including in the marketplace and the workplace. They don't accept "that's the way it has always been done" as a viable answer.

“Engaged companies grow profits as much as 3X faster than their competitors.”

Decision Wise
ROI of Employee Engagement

Build on this mentality and shifting workforce to drive real change and improve overall engagement.

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The Complete Solution

POPin is the complete solution for driving meaningful Employee Engagement and increasing Employee Satisfaction.
Keeps your finger on the Pulse

Stay aware at all times of how the organization is doing with regular Employee Satisfaction. Then, when something needs attention, be able to quickly identify the actions to take.

Optimizes Your Workplace and Culture

Find the things blocking your team or creating unnecessary friction so that you maximize team effectiveness and productivity.

Enlists Your Team

As you roll out new strategies, initiatives, projects, or processes, engage your team to make them better and avoid the hidden risks, enlisting them in the outcome in the process.

Establishes a Culture of Regular Recognition

Prove you value your employees and bolster employee satisfaction.

Provides Ongoing Personal Growth & Development

Establish regular and lightweight 360 reviews.

Create Transparent & Effective Communications

Foster transparency to decisions and actions, and establish an ongoing two-way dialogue that is not inhibited by role or location. Make this a place where people WANT to work and where your employees want to STAY.

How it Works

POPin works within three strong facets to help you achieve the most engagement.

Each POPin is a 3-day focused conversation around a question, where the team (i.e., the crowd) tells you what’s really happening by voting the best answers to the top. Then you ask how THEY would solve it, to enlist their help and enable them to author a solution they would embrace. Then you take action and demonstrate you listened.

POPin makes it SAFE for your team to be honest, and to tell you the TRUTH, by being completely anonymous. We eliminate the fear of sharing frank feedback.

Go from being informed to making impactful change. Try it now!

For each aspect of driving Employee Engagement we have proven questions that will engage your team and move you forward in actionable ways.

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Employers need to spend the equivalent of six to nine months of an employee’s salary to find and train their replacement.
For example, the cost of replacing and retraining an employee salaried at $60,000 = $30,000 to $45,000.
Society for HumanResource Management