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Pulse Surveys that Baseline Truth

Identify the truth of what’s happening with our pulse survey functionality. The POPin platform provides the leaders in your organization with the ability to access the reality of what’s going on and focus on the most critical concerns. Short questions asked frequently combined with anonymous answers keep leaders in the loop in real-time.

Crowdsolve Issues with Open Questions

Leverage open-ended question types and year-long org alignment modules to crowdsolve issues and find solutions to actual concerns in your organization. With anonymous answers built in to the platform, your employees can answer honestly with no fear of reprimand and collaborate to solve a mutual problem, and leaders receive authentic buy-in on their initiatives.

Invite People to Participate

Manage Your Team for Success

Add your team members to POPin so you can not only crowdsolve the hot spots in your organization, but also get granular reports on the health of your organization.

Measure Alignment with the Control Center

Stay on top of alignment in your organization with real-time measurement and feedback loops. The executive dashboard keeps leadership and their employees synced on critical business issues and key areas of interest. This lets you track progress and take action in ways not before possible.

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