Why POPin for Higher Education?

POPin is a crowdsolving platform that drives success for university initiatives through the intimate engagement of administration, faculty, students and alumni.


POPin Crowdsolving Platform Drives the Best Use Cases that Include

  • Chancellor/President led planning sessions for budgeting, fund raising, student sentiment and curriculum priorities

  • CIO led technology requirement sessions

  • Professor-led class assignment sessions

  • Student/club led sessions for specific initiatives (i.e. fund raising, event planning, T-shirt design, etc)

POPin Higher Education Program

Benefits of this program include:

  • Exclusive education pricing based on volume for faculty and administration use
  • Free licenses for student use (via their .edu email address)
  • Access to unlimited sessions
  • White glove treatment with dedicated Engagement Manager for 90 days (Train the trainer)
  • App customization for your brand’s logo and colors
  • Template launch videos specific to university sessions
  • Validation of Entrepreneur/MBA ideas through Nucleus

Different Ways to Use POPin to Crowdsolve any Problem

Creative Ways to Fundraise

No one likes fundraising, but it is a fact of campus life. Using POPin to uncover new and creative ways to secure endorsements, grants and alumni pledges will keep those needed resources flowing

Uncover Great Ideas From Unlikely Sources

Most tend to expect that all creative ideas come from our leaders, however you would be surprised by what can come to light by using POPin to gather input from all sources. Sometimes the most creative ideas will come from the most unlikely of sources that just didn’t have a vehicle or a voice to share their brilliance.

Validate Entrepreneurship Ideas via Nucleus

The Nucleus is POPin’s exclusive panel of over 60 senior executives of notable corporations ranging from mid-sized enterprises to fortune 500 corporations. Select MBA/entrepreneurship projects will be presented to this esteemed panel via a POPin session for direct real-world feedback on viability and recommendations for improvement.

Innovation Days Through Campus Clubs

Campus clubs can run their own sessions to uncover new and innovative ways to add value to their organizations. Uncovering new philanthropic opportunities and improving recruitment and fundraising processes are just a POPin session away from better ideas and fully engaged membership.

Fundamentally Change the Way Your Company Drives Initiatives

POPin gives your employees a voice, no matter what level or position they are in your organization, so your toughest business questions get answered in the fastest and most accurate way possible.