Harnessing the Power of People

Bringing people and ideas into focus to make your initiatives succeed

Great Companies Trust POPin
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POPin equips leaders to quickly implement decisions with the buy-in of the teams doing the work.

With POPin you can

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    Leverage the power of those closest to the issues on a platform that rewards the truth

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    Uncover creative solutions to the toughest of challenges from unlikely sources

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    3. ENGAGE

    Develop a new level of accountability and engagement with those that can affect the outcome


Watch What POPin Can Do For Your Company

Elements of a Successful Session

The vetted process of a POPin Session is iterative, lightweight, time-bound, and action-based.

Discover How POPin Supports Top Brands

POPin makes it easy for companies to get to the root of their organizational pain.

We do a lot through collaboration and we use many approaches to align very diverse needs across a very diverse campus, so we see POPin as a creative way to introduce something that is new and current and fun to help drive better alignment and collaboration.
Tom Murphy University Of Pennsylvania 
No communications format has been more effective than POPin sessions, because they provide measurable inputs from the entire group – rather than just the voice of one guy who’s really loud.
Sherri Hammons IQ Navigator 
No matter what level or position you are in a corporation, POPin gave them a voice, a powerful voice to enact change. It also gave them the ability to interact with their peers in a way they never have before. This is fundamentally changing the way we communicate and innovate across the organization.
Robin Gordon CoreLogic 
POPin provides an innovative approach to CrowdSourcing that gives actionable insights from key constituents to inform the next generation of leadership. POPin combines the latest CrowdSourcing technology and smart management practices to flatten an organization and break down the communications barriers that limit the discovery of real problems, timely opportunities and relevant solutions.
Table Group
Al Amador The Table Group 
I found the POPin crowdsolving platform to be a totally new form of communication for interacting with the group. I came to think of it more as a platform to get people’s ideas and buy-in.
Greg Fancher Taco Bell 
Crowdsourcing creates a more authentic environment that artificial focus groups, because users can test out the product at home.
Tamara Kleinberg The Shuck 
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Fundamentally Change the Way Your Company Drives Business Outcomes

POPin gives your employees a voice, no matter what level or position they are in your organization, so your toughest business questions get answered in the fastest and most accurate way possible.